Naturopath Phone Consultations

What Services Do We Offer?

We offer naturopathic consultations via phone. Our naturopath is an Australian qualified naturopathic practitioner and medical herbalist. Consultations are individualised which means that you receive one on one attention from our naturopath so they are better able to create an effective treatment plan and advice customised for you.

Who Can Book A Consultation?

Consultations are available to all members of Youngevity, regardless of downline. Non-Youngevity members are also welcome. We have clients from all over Australia.

How Will I Receive My Prescription?

All naturopathic prescription products are sent via express post.

Fee Schedule

1 Hour Initial Phone Consultation AU$110

1/2 Hour Follow Up Phone Consultation AU$70

Consultations with Health Practitioners in Australia are free from GST.

Any supplements or herbal medicines that maybe required are at an additional cost.