Introducing Youngevity’s New Ranks, Titles and Recognition!


Youngevity is continually exploring ways we can improve the business—whether in the form of new products and business opportunities, improved service, or changes to our Associate programs. We’re pleased to announce an improvement to our Rank Titles and Recognition Programs, effective February 1, 2017.

Rank Titles

There are a few key reasons for the title changes. First, the vision and strategy of the company is to build something unique in our industry, combining the best of MLM, party plan, social selling, etc. Our rank titles are needed to better reflect that hybrid approach.

Second, as a growing public company, we need to be clear about who is a representative/spokesperson for the corporation, vs. who is representing their own personal business. Our rank titles were very corporate sounding and didn’t provide that clear distinction.

Finally, we believe that one of the biggest benefits we offer is the time flexibility, and our rank titles should reflect that opportunity rather than sounding like a 9 to 5 job.

After interviewing field leaders, researching, and developing several rounds of options, we landed on our new rank title plan. Our new titles will now be broken into three categories: Associate, Executive and Ambassador, each with a ranking system relevant to their level.


The Associate level progresses through four ranks. From Brand Associate through Sales and Senior Associate, each phase helps you prepare for the leadership levels in our organization.

Leadership begins with our 1 Star Executive and goes through to 5 Star Executive. These are the rising stars and established leaders in our organization.

The final category of ranks is Ambassadors. Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond represent the highest honored ranks within Youngevity.

And the title of Ambassador will be reserved for people who have achieved that rank. So instead of brand Ambassadors—our brand advocates will be called Brand Champions.

New Titles, New Pins

We want to make sure that all of our leaders will have something to represent their new titles, so we’ll be sending a new rank pin featuring our new Youngevity logo to ALL of our leadership ranks, 1 Star Executive and up, in February.


A rank conversion chart and updated comp plan chart will be found in the resources section online, in this blog, and on our promotions page (more on this in a bit!). Additionally, this info is printed as a flyer we’ll send out with every Be The Change magazine, and will thereafter be included within the magazine and on our new website.

Recognition Program

Michelle Wallach says: “We’re not building a business. We’re building people, and the people build the business.” Building people is the key to success for all of us.

To update our Recognition Program, we’ve established three categories for recognition:

  • Everyday Recognition
  • Event Recognition
  • Rank Up Award Recognition

Everyday recognition is an opportunity for us to shine a fun spotlight on birthdays, people who’ve just joined, examples of random acts of kindness, a great month in sales…all sorts of things. We’ll do this via Facebook Live, videos, calls and more.

Our event recognition is an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and significant milestones. We’ll take time throughout our events to highlight people for their hard work, teamwork and tenure. Event recognition also includes iconic Youngevity awards such as the Presidential Award, Circle of Excellence, Rookie of the Year Award and more.

And finally, we’re thrilled to recognize distributors who progress through our system by earning new ranks. This is the work that you do spreading our message of “betterment” that helps us build the business, together. So let’s look at how this award system is transitioning. In the same vein as “pick your passion” we want you to be able to pick your rewards, making Rank Up Awards a personal choice instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

That means we’re shifting to a premium gift award program. The foundation of this is an online Youngevity Logo & Leadership Market that’s separate from the Youngevity website.

This market is available for anyone in our organization to purchase logo items and business enhancers that help promote their business and share their Youngevity pride. And there will be special shopping areas for all levels of leadership—where you can purchase items specific to your rank.

These specialized leadership levels are where you will also select your recognition awards.

Moving forward, we’re not presenting jackets or rings at our events. Instead, we’ll present a rank medal, a pin, a certificate, and generous credit to our Logo & Leadership Market!* We’ll offer great premium gifts at every level.


At each leadership level, 2 Star Executive and up, we’ll offer an assortment of luxury gifts such as jewellery or watches, luxury clothing items, designer bags and desirable technology, and we’ll still offer a Youngevity jacket and ring as an option for a reward gift—the best of all worlds.

The most important factor, is that what you select is a reward of your choosing – and it comes with great thanks from Youngevity. Each of these items can be a great conversation starter to promote your achievements and take you to the next level of success!

None of the requirements or qualifications of our program are changing. Qualifications to earn these awards are the same under the new program as they are today. Credits are given for Rank Up Awards (formerly our jackets) and Rank Consistency Awards (formerly our rings), following the format of our current program.


Circle of Honor Promotion

We want as many people as possible to have a chance to select some of these new awards. So as you progress through our organization and rank up into leadership levels you will have an opportunity to earn these fabulous awards.

But to make things more interesting, we’re offering a special opportunity called the Circle of Honor Promotion!


To qualify, you need to rank up to a leadership level or rank up beyond your current lifetime level. OR, with this promotion, every leader at 1 Star Executive and up (comparable to our current SEMD level) would need to get paid at their lifetime rank for two consecutive months or 3 out of 6 months for the period of January 1, 2017 through June 30, 2017. This one-time opportunity is a full month LESS in requirements—it’s literally never been easier to rank up! Award recipients must attend our National Convention to claim their reward.

What you receive

All 1 Star Executives (SEMDs) will receive:

  • Special pin and membership card to the Circle of Honor
  • VIP invitation to the welcome reception at our 2017 National Convention in Dallas

In addition, all 2 Star Executives (VPMDs) and up will also receive rank up consistency award credit to the new Logo and Leadership Market.*

This promotion is our way of thanking you as we celebrate Youngevity’s 20 years in business, and celebrating the next 20 years to come!

More information about the Circle of Honour Promotion can be found at:

We can’t wait to celebrate your achievements and welcome you to the Circle of Honour!

*Only 2 Star Executive and up (formerly VPMD and up) are eligible to receive Logo and Leadership Market credit.