Experts say breastfeeding, vaginal birth, prevent leukemia in children

Well who would of thought – the simple and natural act of breastfeeding and vaginal birth has now been linked to a reduced risk of childhood leukemia (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia), according to a recent study published in the journal Nature.

“Most cases of childhood leukemia are likely to be preventable.”

Professor Mel Greaves

Childhood acute leukemia is the most common childhood cancer in so called “developed” countries. Childhood leukemia is most common in the cleanest homes, which may indicate we need to rethink the type and amount of cleaning products we are using.

The current medical treatment is highly toxic and can have lasting negative health effects for the child.

The beneficial effects of breastfeeding and vaginal birth is thought to occur via exposure to the mothers microbiota, critical for developing a health immune system. Additionally, breastfeeding young babies provides nutritional factors, antibodies, beneficial bacteria and fibers that nourish the infant’s intestinal microbiome.

Link to the study: A causal mechanism for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia