Scott Fardulis Australian Tour 2019!

Learn how to work smarter not harder with Scott Fardulis.

Youngevity Ambassador, featured in the Four Year Career.

Coming to Australia to share “The Plan”

After losing the family car to repossession and their home to foreclosure, all while Scott’s physical health was in crisis the Fardulis’ knew something had to change. Scott and Juliette went from near bankruptcy and battling health challenges to skyrocketing their business with nearly 200,000 members and seven-figure monthly sales in 17 countries

Scott has kept a simple 4 step focused plan, became a influencer and a top leader in the industry that has created more modern day millionaires in the Network Marketing Industry. He is living the drean and sharing his story and strategy in a simple duplicatable way that inspired thousands of people.

Scott will be touring Australia / New Zealand so take advantage of the opportunity to learn and live a way of life that will impact you and your family that you will want to bring a tribe to the top with you.

This is a great event to bring guests along so they can experience ” The Plan ” that can change and impact their life in a way has that has the potential to leave a legacy. Like Scott Fardulis has with his tribe.

Create a tribe that matches your vibe in a way that focuses on being BETTER. Physcially, Finacially and Emotionally,through enriched relationships and more time for things that matter.

Join US !!

Say YES to the Opportunity to create a Better Future.